404: Let’s do a refresh together

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404: Let’s do a refresh together   

4041 magazine is an inclusive new digital media project. It has been designed to be informative and awareness-raising. More specifically, this project aims to provide a space for dialogue and social engagement and to answer all those questions that remain unanswered because the subject of prevention concerns us all.

If you have chosen to read this magazine, it’s probably because you are interested in the topics of radicalization, violent extremism and/or hate-motivated acts, or perhaps you are curious to know more about these topics which are sometimes associated with fear and stigma.

The magazine will: 

  • Demystify myths or incorrect perceptions about certain sensitive issues;
  • Take a closer look at the challenges that affect our ability to live together;
  • Give voice to a great variety of people;
  • Involve the community by drawing on the creativity and energy of those wanting to be heard;
  • Shed light on the phenomena of radicalization through scientific knowledge, stories and field experiences;
  • Share innovative and easily shareable content on social networks.

For its very first issue, 404 magazine addressed the issue of Second Chances.

The cover of this issue illustrates the idea of Second Chance by drawing inspiration from a Japanese artistic technique called “Kintsugi”, which consists of repairing broken pots with clay. Instead of throwing the vase away, we reuse it to give it a second life, a Second Chance. We can always be restored and learn from our actions of the past and see the beauty in that, although it takes patience and care to put the pieces back together, it is always possible to do so.

In addition to being a long-term process, Second Chances can generate a number of questions: Is it really possible to get rid of one’s past? Who is entitled to a Second Chance? How can we reintegrate those who have been judicially sentenced into society? How can artistic performances, based on authentic personnal stories, help to raise society’s awareness of the importance of social reintegration? Is reintegration an effort that must come from the individual himself, or herself, or from society? How do ex-radicalized people become actors of change?

In an attempt to shed light on these questions, the 404 magazine team conducted interviews with researchers and community workers. Our team also collected your stories and opinions.

We hope that this magazine will allow us all to raise our consciousness a little in order to develop collective solidarity in the face of these questions, which are more than pressing.

Let us open the door to people from all paths of life, let us involve more people who would like to promote pro-social actions and let us welcome committed citizens. Let’s speak a language for everyone. To better understand the erroneous messages associated with radicalization is to talk about it in a different way!

We would also like to offer thanks for the efforts of all the people who helped us from near and far in the realization of this beautiful project. One word will suffice: thank you!

The articles in 404 mag have been written in the language of the people who were interviewed during the interviews conducted. You will find articles in both French and English.

– 404 magazine editorial team
Project led by:
The Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRLV).

Acknowledgements :
Raphaël Scali, student in drama studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal,
Khaoula El Khalil, student in political science at the University of Montreal,
Marguerite Chiarello, student in journalism at the Université du Québec à Montréal,
as well as interview collaborators and members of the CPRLV.

1 In computer science, the number 404 refers to an error code. When it appears on a computer screen, the user needs to launch a new search. The beauty of errors is that they help us to learnErrors give us a second chance, which is why we decided to offer a platform that give us the opportunity to do a refresh. 404 webzine takes a new look at complex and often misunderstood topics pertaining to radicalization and violent extremism.

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